Hi, I'm Mike and I help people UNWIND THEIR MINDS.

Want more TIME back in your life?

Here's a gift for you.

Quitting my corporate job DID NOT lead to happiness.​After leaving my airline career of ten years, my wife and I traveled the world. Shockingly, it didn't lead to long-term happiness, as I then slipped into the lowest point of my life.​​I was confused.

I had already left a 9 to 5, traveled the world, and was skiing a hundred days a year, yet still found myself in a place of emptiness and depression. I had to discover for myself that sustainable peace and joy couldn't be found in those places or activities. It was hidden within me.​During that time of darkness, I was able to discover mindfulness and meditation, get clear on my purpose, and stop caring what others were thinking. I stopped wasting time and began enjoying each and every day of life.

Since that journey, my work as a high-impact coach for leaders and stressed professionals has led me into public speaking and deeper writing, and I've also created a LIFE-CHANGING, transformational online coaching experience that is open to everyone...if you're ready to wake up and stop letting life pass you by,
this is for you!

I am continuously unwinding and disengaging from the grind, embracing a life of openness and love, discovering peace in the present moment, and becoming a better version of myself every day and for everyone around me.​ I also love sharing my words on Substack...check it out and subscribe here.​
And whether I'm passionately coaching, speaking to a group, hosting a workshop, or writing, I lead others based on a methodology that works for me in my own life as well as those I've had the privilege of guiding through their own incredible transformations.

Remember, there's a reason why you're reading this today. And I'm glad you're here.​

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Want more peace back in your life?
Here's a gift for you.

Passionately writing, coaching, and enjoying life in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and Breckenridge, Colorado.

"Enjoy the journey!"

-Mike Messeroff


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